The band program at Santa Fe High has a strong history throughout all 60 years of the school’s existence.  The Raider Regiment Marching Band was given its current name in 1995 with the arrival of legendary band director, Kathy Lavay (Turner).  The transformation into one of the premier programs in the state involved much more than a name change.  Ms. Lavay’s passion, determination, creativity, musicianship, and leadership made Santa Fe a well-known name all around the state and country.  During Ms. Lavay’s tenure, the Raider Regiment earned 6 State Class Championships (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005) at the FMBC Finals.  Meghan Watkins continued the winning traditions with 2 innovative shows during her short tenure, as well as 2 more appearances as an FMBC State Finalist.  

Nate Bisco became the 3rd director under the Raider Regiment name.  The band continues to write artistically progressive shows while striving never to compromise top performance standards.  The Raider Regiment earned two more State Class Champions Banners (2009, 2010) and continues to be the only school in the State of Florida to be named an FMBC Finalist for all 20 years of the organization’s existence. 

In May 2017 Raider Regiment announced their new band director Robert Marski. Mr. Marski will be the 4th band director under the name “Raider Regiment” and is excited to continue the strong marching band and its traditions.  In January 2018, the  Raider Regiment will welcome Michael Cowan as the 5th Band Director for the Raider Regiment. In July of 2019, the Raider Regiment announced Mr. Trevor Hayes as the 6th director. In May of 2021, the Raider Regiment announced Mr. Jonah Galewitz as our 7th director under the “Raider Regiment” era. In June of 2022, the Raider Regiment was proud to announce Mr. Jacob Massena as the director of bands and look forward to him bringing new energy and life to the program. We look forward to the overall determination he has to bring more people into this program through his commitment to recruiting and determination of turning the program around. 

  • 2017 Robert Marski
  • 2017-2018 Mikey Cowan
  • 2019-2020 Trevor Hayes
  • 2021 Jonah Galewitz
  • 2022 Jacob Massena

The Raider Regiment takes pride in receiving many accolades at the competition level, while also maintaining an integral role in the school and local communities.  The band has always valued pushing to be your best and realizing that hard work is the only constant that will help get you there.  We respect and believe in each other, and do not let differences ever get between us.