2019-2020 SF Band Boosters Board and Chairs


President: Stephanie Cormier stephanie.cormier@sfraiderregiment.org
Vice President: Michelle Jansen michelle.jansen@sfraiderregiment.org
Treasurer: Scott Peters scott.peters@sfraiderregiment.org
Secretary: Jeni Smith jeni.smith@sfraiderregiment.org
Parliamentarian: Monique Chambless monique.chambless@sfraiderregiment.org

Chair Members

Chaperone Coordinator: OPEN
VP of Equipment / Gator Nationals: OPEN
CHARMS Coordinator: Joyce Severance joyce.severance@sfraiderregiment.org
Gator Shop Coordinator: Monique Chambless monique.chambless@sfraiderregiment.org
Props: Melissa Blaylock melissa.blaylock@sfraiderregiment.org
Southern Showcase Coordinators: Melissa Blaylock melissa.blaylock@sfraiderregiment.org
Gator Chair Backs: Monique Chambless monique.chambless@sfraiderregiment.org
Fundraising Chair: Jessica Knipl jessica.knipl@sfraiderregiment.org

If you are a current band member or parent and are not on our listserv, please email raiderregimentnews@gmail.com with your name and child’s name (if applicable) so you can receive our emails.